Womens Enterprise Group

We are committed to a firm culture that promotes full and equal participation, advancement and retention of women in what has been a traditionally male-dominated profession. Our commitment is evidenced in our rapidly evolving and expanding Women’s Enterprise. Led by Carolyn J. Buller, the Women’s Enterprise is implementing significant steps toward attaining our goals through task forces that support working mothers, diversity and mentoring. Committees of the Women’s Enterprise include:

  • Balanced Hours Committee - We announced in 2009 an updated Balanced Hours Policy under the leadership of Susan C. Hastings. A key way for us to demonstrate our commitment to work-life balance is to recognize that a more flexible structure is required to respond to the changing needs of our lawyers, especially those who have responsibilities and interests outside our firm and so may desire alternative work schedules. This policy sets forth the procedure for proposing a balanced hours schedule and the general guidelines applicable to balanced hours. The Balanced Hours Policy will be applied consistent with employment laws of the jurisdictions in which our firm operates. Balanced hours schedules reflect a reduction in the standard billable and nonbillable hours which are available to our lawyers as one way of achieving our goals. Balanced hours schedules are individually tailored to meet the needs of the lawyer and needs of our firm and clients and will be considered in light of those needs. We recognize that a healthy balance between a professional’s work and private life is essential to lasting success, for both the individual and our firm. Karen A. Winters, serves as our firm’s ombudsperson for our balanced hours program. 
  • Business Development Committee - This Committee, led by Patricia E. Lowry, provides our associates and young partners with support and training for their business development efforts.
  • Metrics Committee - This Committee measures progress by identifying the baselines and setting the goals for improvement on a variety of important metrics relating to hiring, attrition, billable hours, advancement and compensation of female lawyers.
  • Women's Mentoring Committee - Awilda M. Alcántara Bourdier and Stacy H. Krumin are co-chairs of the Committee. They work closely with our firmwide Mentoring Committee to implement training sessions on practice group, regional and office levels that emphasize mentoring for women lawyers.