Lawyer Development and Training

Lawyer Development

Our extensive client base means we are always interested in hearing from lawyers with both broad experience of working with large global organisations and multinational clients and also those who see value in working with local and regional clients as well. You will start with an introductory programme on life here, which gives you some valuable insights into the approach and traditions of our firm, the challenge of practicing law in a global environment and the resources available to help meet those challenges.

You will be working on real assignments, addressing issues that make news, ranging from complex business deals to high profile litigation.
And throughout your career with us you will receive the highest quality training and professional development;

  • Internal and external continuing professional development.
  • Focus on “real world” issues and situations.
  • Learning Management System that provides relevant training covering technical and professional skills.

Professional Development
  • Practice specific competencies and skill ladders.
  • Associates are entrusted with ever-increasing responsibilities to help further their competencies and experiences.
  • Working relationships with senior lawyers provide meaningful opportunities for feedback and support.
  • Associates are reviewed annually by supervising lawyers and receive ongoing and open feedback throughout their careers.