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Financial help – During the pandemic, many governments implemented financial support schemes and resources to help support local businesses. Some of those measures have come to an end, but there are still a number of packages available to support businesses as they start to rebuild in Germany.

Directors’ duties – The role of directors of a company is different depending on the country, but one feature is common to all – the obligation not to continue trading if a company is insolvent. The COVID-19 pandemic put this fundamental obligation under severe strain. This guide provides an overview of directors’ duties in Germany that are particularly relevant when a company is in financial difficulty.

Insolvency laws – During the pandemic, many countries revamped their insolvency laws, introducing temporary or permanent measures to aid and assist companies in financial distress. This guide provides an overview of the current status of the measures in restructuring and insolvency laws in Germany.

Business viability – This guide includes our directors’ duties and financial help guides, together with our guide on managing supply chain risk and key points for businesses to consider when assessing business viability and risk.