Owning Your Imposter Syndrome

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    As the subject of equality reaches its rightful place near the top of business agendas and companies embrace diversity in the workplace, employment opportunities that were once off-limits to many are now achievable goals.

    It is, therefore, perhaps not surprising that imposter syndrome has become more prevalent and affects a growing number of people – both men and women.

    Join us to hear our inspirational guest speaker, Caroline Flanagan, talk about how she learned to take ownership of her imposter syndrome and, in doing so, has turned what she once considered a weakness into a strength – with incredible results! Caroline is a keynote speaker, author, coach, business founder and mother of four, whose mission is to improve diversity within organisations. She uses personal stories, client case studies and powerful questions to engage and empower her audience and delivers presentations and workshops to global organisations and international conferences on work-life balance issues and imposter syndrome. Read client testimonials about Caroline’s work.

    What Is Imposter Syndrome?

    Imposter syndrome combines the feeling that you have not earned your success and that your achievements are in fact down to luck, with the abject fear that any minute, you will be exposed as a fraud because you do not deserve to be in the position that you are in. It can have a hugely damaging effect on your career as it prevents you from taking risks or putting yourself forward. The anxiety associated with imposter syndrome is so severe that it paralyses you, stops you moving forwards, and prevents you from making yourself visible and seizing opportunities.

    Who Should Attend?

    You may be affected by imposter syndrome personally, would benefit from knowing more about it in order to support members of your team, or might simply be looking for an insight into this fascinating topic – all are welcome.