Government Investigations 2020: Investigations Arising From Data Breach and Privacy Concerns and Parallel Proceedings

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    Corporations and other organizations create, store and utilize electronic information in all facets of business. Unfortunately, security can be breached and any breach can lead to investigations by various government agencies at the federal and state levels. Those investigations may lead to disputes about scope, variety and volume of electronic information to be produced.

    This PLI program will explore the role of electronic information through a hypothetical breach of a corporation’s information that leads to an investigation. It will focus on the “what, why and how” of an investigation – from the viewpoint of the investigating agencies and of the corporate representatives charged with responding to the investigation. The program will then consider a hypothetical class action that parallels the investigation and how that parallel litigation interacts with the investigation.

    Speakers, including experienced regulators and attorneys, will address various aspects of government investigations and parallel proceedings, with a focus on requests for and production of electronic information.

    What You Will Learn:

    • What triggers a government investigation?
    • What is the scope of a government investigation?
    • What are the limitations on a government investigation?
    • What might the government demand in an investigation and how might a corporate entity respond to such a demand?
    • What room for negotiation exists between a corporate entity and the government?
    • What is the role of – and relationship between – parallel civil proceedings and government investigations, and how might these be coordinated?

    This program is accredited for Continuing Legal Education. For more information or to register, contact Robin Hallagan, +1 216 479 8115. There is a cost for attending this PLI program.