COVID-19 and EU Data Protection: Advice for Businesses Operating in the EU

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    As government agencies and businesses attempt to deal with the ramifications of COVID-19, they take actions that necessarily involve the processing of personal data, subject to the GDPR.

    During this webinar, Andrea Ward, Rosa Barcelo and Matus Huba will discuss the guidance issued by the ICO, as well as the CNIL and other EU data protection authorities, regarding the processing of personal information data and special category data in relation to COVID-19. We will also provide advice on how to address everyday issues, such as:

    • Can businesses inform the workforce who among them is ill?
    • Who is responsible for the data security when employees work from home? 
    • What if an employee, working from home, suffers a data breach?
    • Can you track your employee’s performance at home?
    • What are the risks of employees using their own devices for work purposes?