Webinar – COVID-19 and the Impact on Consumer Brands, Retail and Hospitality Industry: Your Questions Answered

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    A webinar hosted by Lexology.

    The spread of COVID-19 is having a ripple effect across all industries worldwide. Organisations are having to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

    Shaped by the questions that you want answered, this webinar will address the legal implications, commercial risks and best practices for businesses in the brands, retail and hospitality industries in the UK.

    Issues to be covered will include:

    • Lessons from China: Nick Chan will share how businesses in these industries responded to the outbreak and the latest position in China
    • Employment: Matthew Lewis will highlight the key labour and employment issues to consider - to furlough or not to furlough
    • Commercial and supply chain risks: Emma Ball will discuss the range of supply chain risk management measures that companies should consider
    • Finance and funding: John Alderton will look at the various funding options available to support businesses through the current challenging times
    • Real estate: Prew Lumley will provide insights into the impact of the virus and the closing of shops on landlord and tenant issues

    This webinar is intended to help you manage your organisation’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and will be of interest to in-house counsel, those involved in risk and compliance, finance and HR professionals.