COVID-19 Testing Time: COVID-19 and the Consumer – Can Retail Drive the Economic Recovery?

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    A recording of this webinar is available online.

    Our series of weekly virtual panel discussions addressing business challenges of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, address the boardroom dilemmas, legal implications and commercial risks around fast-moving issues presented by COVID-19.

    As the economy starts to reopen, the exit strategy will have a major impact on consumer confidence, with discretionary spending hardest hit. A tapering of government support will be needed to avoid a cliff edge of redundancies and administrations, and there will be a step-change in the penetration rate for some categories of online shopping in the sector. Many sectors will be affected by consumer confidence, from manufacturing, supply chain and logistics to technology, banking, and real estate and construction. One thing is clear – we must keep spending to keep afloat.

    This Week’s External Panellists

    We are delighted to be joined by Richard Lim, Chief Executive, Retail Economics, and Mair Garland, Government Affairs Manager at Kingfisher Plc, which operates retail brands B&Q and Screwfix in the UK.

    Richard will be discussing consumer confidence and his views for how consumers will respond post lockdown, while Mair will share her knowledge on how Kingfisher Plc mastered click and collect, how it reopened 70 stores, its supply chain issues, social distancing and its plans for returning to business as usual.

    Also joining the discussion will be Real Estate partner Prew Lumley, who will provide insights into the impact of the virus and the closing of shops on landlord and tenant issues.
    This webinar is intended to help you manage your organisation’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and will be of interest to board members, senior management and in-house counsel.