Labour & Employment Webinar Redundancies and Collective Consultation (UK)

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    It is inevitable that some employers will need to make redundancies in response to these difficult economic times, and in some cases, affecting material parts of their workforce.

    Join us on Tuesday 12 May 2020, when we will consider the key legal and practical issues to keep in mind where your business is proposing to dismiss 20 or more employees as redundant.

    We will cover:

    • When the duty to consult collectively is triggered
    • An overview of the collective consultation process
    • Practical advice and tips on handling a collective redundancy exercise
    • The rights and duties of employee representatives
    • The interplay of redundancy with furlough, including whether collective consultation can be carried out during furlough, whether individuals who are carrying out the role of employee representatives will be treated as “working” for furlough purposes and how to carry out collective consultation if employees are working from home, etc.

    This webinar is suitable for legal and HR professionals, as well as managers.