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Testing Time: Ensuring Your Supply Chain Can Support Your Exit From Lockdown

3 June 2020
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Given the major shock of COVID-19 to the global economy, as companies move back into operations again, the supply chain will be a critical area of fragility. Most companies are reliant on their supply chains, as others rely on them, for predictable, consistent provision of the goods and services they need. This week, we explore supply chain challenges from disruption, insolvency and liquidity, to the practical solutions and protections that may be needed in the face of continued uncertainty in consumer confidence and public health. Unlocking the economy will only work through ensuring resilience for all tiers within the supply chain.

Our series of weekly virtual panel discussions addressing current business challenges, hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, explores the boardroom dilemmas, legal implications and commercial risks in a rapidly evolving economic and business climate.

This Week’s Panelists

We are delighted to be joined by Simon Brimble, VP Global Purchasing Supply Chain Management, Delphi Technologies.

Also participating will be Simon Garbett (partner, Litigation), who will discuss a range of practical supply chain risk-management measures that companies should consider.

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This webinar is intended to help you manage your organisation’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak and will be of interest to board members, senior management and in-house counsel.

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