The Impact of Private Equity Ownership of Providers on Managed Care – ACI Advanced Forum on Managed Care Disputes and Litigation

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    We are pleased to once again be participating in, and presenting at, the American Conference Institute’s (ACI) Managed Care Disputes and Litigation Conference, now taking place virtually on July 22-23, 2020. This comprehensive conference will address the latest developments impacting the managed care space.

    Corporate partner Danielle Asaad will be co-presenting on the topic of “The Impact of Private Equity Ownership of Providers on Managed Care.” Her session is set for 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM CDT on July 22 and will cover:

    • The significance of an increasing number of private equity (PE) entities infusing capital into the provider space
    • The ramifications of PE ownership for provider-payer relationships and their contracting strategy, as providers resist becoming part of payor networks due to alternative long-term objectives for the acquired facility or cannot join networks due to high rates for services
    • The tension between serving patients and PE’s primary goal of maximizing profitability
    • The great volume of actions initiated by PE-owned providers against patients
    • How the pandemic is heightening PE interest in healthcare providers
    • The significance of increasing FCA scrutiny towards PE firms in the healthcare space

    For additional information, or to register, please visit the ACI Conference site.