Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forums: Europe Is Flexing Its Muscles on State Aid and Foreign Investments – Impact on Inbound Investments and M&A Transactions

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    Welcome back to our Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forums. This series of webinars outline some of the key legal issues and challenges faced by businesses in the UK, EMEA, the US and globally at present.

    Following the summer break, the latest session in this series will provide an insight into two sets of rules that will have a direct impact on many M&A transactions. First, the EU Commission’s proposal on foreign state subsidies – going well beyond any foreign state aid rule anywhere in the world – will not only affect inbound investment from China or the US, but potentially also from post-Brexit UK and may lead to a prohibition to acquire businesses for non-EU purchasers. Second, the UK and EU member states are broadening the scope of the national foreign direct investment restrictions, including in key jurisdictions, such as the UK, Germany, France and Spain, and the impact on deal timetables can be significant. We will also discuss the impact of the EU regulation establishing a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the EU, entering into force in October 2020.

    Tony Reed, EMEA chair of the global Corporate Practice, will be introducing to you the following panellists, who will be joining us from the UK, Brussels, Madrid and Paris.

    Our panellists include:

    • Veronique Collin, partner, Financial Services, Paris
    • Oliver Geiss, partner, Competition – Antitrust, Brussels
    • Francesco Liberatore, partner, Competition – Antitrust, London
    • José María Viñals, partner, International Trade, Madrid

    Hosted by:

    • Matthew Kirk, international affairs advisor, London

    Questions will be invited from the audience before and during this discussion.