Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forums: Complying With REACH – Why Changes to Chemicals Regulation Matter Across Many Industrial Sectors in a Post-Brexit World

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    The latest in our series of Talk to the Experts Virtual Discussion Forums will provide thought-leading perspectives from industry leaders and practitioners on a key Brexit challenge facing companies working in the chemicals and manufacturing industries.

    The UK left the EU on 31 January 2020, and on 31 December 2020, the transitional period will come to an end, meaning that the EU REACH Regulation will no longer apply in the UK. Given the complex and cross-border nature of chemical supply chains, and the supply chain approach adopted in the REACH Regulation, this has major implications for anyone supplying chemicals into the EU or the UK from 2021, as well as those further down the supply chain who are buying and using chemicals.

    In this session, our UK-based regulatory experts will explain the effect of Brexit on the REACH Regulation, both in the UK and the EU, and the key features of the new “UK REACH” system that is likely to apply in the UK from 2021. Whether you are a manufacturer, an importer or a distributor of chemical products, we will explore the critical regulatory steps you will need to take in trading with the UK or the EU to ensure you can continue to do so, including practical examples and case studies.

    Tony Reed, EMEA chair of the global Corporate Practice, will be introducing to you the following panellists, who will be joining us.

    Our panellists include:

    • David Gordon, partner, Environmental, Safety & Health, Birmingham
    • Anita Lloyd, director, Environmental, Safety & Health, Birmingham

    Hosted by:

    • Matthew Kirk, international affairs advisor, London

    Questions will be invited from the audience before and during this discussion.