The Economic Outlook

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    A recording of this webinar is now available to listen to online.

    After a rapid fall and partial recovery, economic activity still lags up to 10% behind the 2019 level. An uneven mix of recovery between different sectors is placing some under huge stress, constrained by either government restriction or lack of confidence and activity. Both the government and the Bank of England have toolkits to support the economy, people and businesses, but – faced with a longer crisis than originally supposed – will these levers prove effective, and what will this mean for businesses? What sort of an economy will it be? And what role will the banks and investment houses have in driving a recovery?

    Hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, we will be joined by economist Bronwyn Curtis, chairman of the JP Morgan Asian Investment Trust and non-executive director at the Office for Budget Responsibility, Mercator Media and the Scottish American Investment Trust.