Transportation Perspectives Ahead of the US Elections

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    A recording of this webinar is now available to view online.

    As part of the firm’s focus on the upcoming US elections and their impacts on transportation, partner and former US Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater will host a discussion with John D. Porcari. Mr. Porcari has a distinguished record of public service and private practice in transportation and infrastructure. He was President, US Advisory Services, at WSP, and served as Deputy Secretary of Transportation in the Obama administration and Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation (twice). He is currently Managing Partner at 3P Enterprises and an advisor to the Biden-Harris campaign.

    While the conversation will touch on the continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on key transportation sectors, the two will also address opportunities immediately facing US transportation leaders and policymakers, such as fostering safer and more resilient transportation systems and investing in technology to drive innovative mobility solutions.

    We hope you can join us to hear from two distinguished transportation experts ahead of what will be one of the most consequential elections in our nation’s history.