Hard Decisions in Hard Times

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    The impact that COVID-19 has had on companies is huge. Many have faced, and will continue to face, the toughest of decisions concerning their staff (redundancies, unpaid leave, pay cuts, etc.) without either any real support by way of precedent or a legislative background designed for these circumstances.

    We will hear perspectives on balancing the needs of the business with workforce decisions. These choices may be economically sensible and lawful, but how do you protect your reputation and internal and external perception of your business while navigating these decisions? What is the best way forward? What are other people doing? We will have insights on how some companies have achieved this and, in particular, how they are seeking to balance the human and financial aspects of the many crossroads that now confront them.

    Hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, we will be joined by Iain Burton, CEO, Aspinal of London, David Whincup, head of our Labour & Employment Practice in London, and Paula Laird, partner in our Financial Services Practice, who has been guiding clients through pre-packs and CVAs during the pandemic.