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Now & Next: Vaccination Rollout and the Workplace; Ethical and Legal Considerations

Region: Europe
27 January 2021
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As we confront Lockdown 3.0 and the vaccination rollout, employers face workforce decisions without precedent or a legislative background designed for these circumstances.

We will hear perspectives on balancing the medical and ethical choices surrounding vaccinations, and whether businesses can implement return-to-office policies only for those that have chosen to be vaccinated. These choices may be economically sensible and lawful, but how do you protect your reputation and the internal and external perception of your business while navigating these decisions? What is the best way forward? What are other countries doing? How should employers plan in this vaccination phase to ensure they protect their workforce and avoid future legal challenges?

Hosted by international affairs advisor Matthew Kirk, we will be joined by Professor Jeffrey Almond, director and scientific advisor to several biotech companies in Europe, the UK and the US. He is a visiting professor at a number of universities and previously Vice President of Research and External R&D at Sanofi Pasteur. They will be joined by Caroline Noblet , co-chair of our Labour & Employment Practice.

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