Defending Work-Product Status and Attorney-Client Privilege of Forensic Reports

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    We are pleased to be participating in “Defending Work-Product Status and Attorney-Client Privilege of Forensic Reports” on October 28, 2021. This CLE webinar will explore how to avoid producing through discovery an incident-response report prepared for litigation and how commercial litigators can consult with experts in preparation for litigation while safeguarding the work product and attorney-client privilege. The panel will discuss these issues in the context of data breach and cybersecurity litigation, and recent cases rejecting work-product and privilege claims.

    Topics being covered at the webinar will include, among others:

    • What was the reasoning of courts that recently ordered the production of internal reports, forensic investigations and related communications?
    • What are current best practices for preventing disclosure?
    • Can discoverable “facts” be separated from legal advice?

    For more information or to register, please visit the Strafford website.