When Employees Attack: Defending Against 105(c) Discrimination Claims - Coal Age Magazine

    1 December 2007

    Every mine has a problem guy. If you’re lucky, you’ve only got one, but you’ve known other guys like him every place you’ve gone. He’s not a bad miner, not great, and certainly not as good as he thinks he is. He might tend to be a little rough on equipment. You might know him to take shortcuts because he thinks he can do it faster and easier, maybe taking risks with his own safety, if not with the safety of his co-workers. If you want him to do the job one way, this guy thinks he’s got a better idea and can’t understand why you want it done your way. Again, his way might be safe, but maybe not. Sometimes he just waits until his supervisor is elsewhere and goes ahead and does it his way anyway. Over the long haul, this guy is an accident waiting to happen and the only real questions are who’s going to get hurt and how bad.


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    Reprinted with permission from Coal Age Magazine