Bailout or Washout: An Analysis of the Treasury Proposal to Purchase Mortgage-Related Assets - Webcasts

    View Author 29 September 2008

    The federal government's emergency package to stem the tide of financial devastation wrought by the collapse of the mortgage-related assets market is one of the most hotly debated pieces of legislation in memory. The size and scope of what the Treasury Department proposed, together with what Congress was willing to settle for, have obscured the issues for many who have a high stake in the matter. There are a number of questions that need to be asked about this proposal

    Listen as expert panelist discuss the benefits & risks of the Treasury Department proposal and answer the following questions:

    • What would the Treasury own if it bought mortgage-backed securities?
    • How will the oversight mechanism of Treasury's investments operate?
    • What are the benefits of the proposal? The risks?
    • What will determine the success or failure of this plan?
    • How will the taxpayers be compensated for their investment?

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