OSHA ALERT - Re: Update on Crane & Derrick Standard

    View Author 24 September 2008

    The 2004 negotiated, consensus rule on cranes and derricks completed by the Crane & Derrick Advisory Committee (“C-DAC”) is receiving increased media attention lately. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) submitted its proposed final rule to the White House Office of Management and Budget (“OMB”) in mid-June. OMB completed its review of the proposed final rule at the end of August and returned the rule to OSHA.

    OSHA recently circulated a copy of the proposed final rule to the C-DAC members. This recent activity has fueled media speculation that an impending release of the final crane and derrick standard should be expected soon, as early as October. Conflicting articles, however, report that the OSHA will not release the final rule until next year.

    The preamble and the rule, combined, are over 1,000 pages. Patton Boggs will be reviewing the rule, and can provide analysis of the rule, if requested. In the interim, we continue to closely monitor the crane and derrick standard as it progresses through the government rulemaking process. As new information develops, we will provide updates.

    Please contact Henry Chajet (202.457.6511), Brian Hendrix (202.457.6543), or Stacy Swanson (202.457.5627) for additional information on the crane and derrick rule.

    Important Note: This ALERT does not constitute legal advice and counsel should be consulted regarding specific factual situations which will determine the compliance advice applicable to any particular question regarding the subject matter. If you would like additional information or advice and counsel on training, compliance or audits, please let us know.