International Arbitration Newsletter - China Focus

    January 2009

    Hammonds’ Commercial & Dispute Resolution Group presents the second issue in a series introducing the various alternative options available for arbitrating disputes for Chinese enterprises.

    International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Court of Arbitration

    The ICC International Court of Arbitration (the "Court" or "ICC" ) was established in 1923 and is a leading  institution for resolving international commercial and business disputes. The dispute resolution mechanisms offered by ICC are specifically designed for resolving disputes in an international setting, where parties are usually of different nationalities, may speak different languages and often belong to different legal and cultural traditions. In order to provide more effective service to ever increasing Asian parties, ICC opened its first Asia office in Hong Kong late in 2008.




    国际商会仲裁院创建于1923年,是世界上最富盛名的解决 商事争议的仲裁机构之一,尤其擅长于解决来自于不同国 家、语言、法律制度和文化不同的当事人之间的争议。为向不断增加的亚洲当事人提供更有效的服务,国际商 会仲裁院于2008年末在香港设立了其在亚洲的第一个办 事处。

    In May 2008, international law firm Hammonds became a limited liability partnership.  Hammonds LLP and its affiliated undertakings has offices in Birmingham, Leeds, London and Manchester in the UK, and in Berlin, Brussels, Beijing, Hong Kong, Madrid, Munich and Paris.