Intellectual Property Update

    February 2009
    Welcome to the Winter 2009 issue of "Intellectual Property Update," a quarterly publication prepared by the members of Squire Sanders' intellectual property law practice. In this issue, available in PDF format, we address the following areas of recent interest and concern:

    • US Companies That Allow Foreign Nationals Access to Controlled Technology in the United States May Inadvertently Violate Export Control Laws
    • The Greenberg Copyright Case: A New Rule for Republication Without Consent
    • Strategies for Arguing Against §101 Rejections of Software-Based Method Claims in Light of In Re Bilski
    • The Effect of In Re Bilski on Claims Drafting
    • To Plead or Not To Plead: Strategic Considerations to Avoid Pitfalls in Motions to Stay Litigation Pending Reexamination of Patents-in-Suit