View Author 13 February 2009

    To provide a sense of the stimulus package’s overall funding levels, we have prepared a general overview of the bill by subject area. Please note that this is a general overview of funding levels only, and does not report on every aspect of the bill. For a detailed analysis on any subject matter and the process for securing these federal dollars, please contact the Patton Boggs professionals listed below for each respective subject area.


    • $27.5 billion for supplemental grants for highway investments, including $105 million for Puerto Rico highways, $45 million for territorial highways, $60 million set-aside for construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities, and $550 million set-aside for Indian reservations and Federal lands (including $310 million for the Indian Reservation Roads program).

    • $6.9 billion for Transit Capital Assistance grants.

    • $1.5 billion for competitive grants to State and local governments for projects that will have a significant impact on the Nation, a metropolitan area, or a region.

    • $9.3 billion for investments in rail transportation, including Amtrak, High Speed and Intercity Rail, of which $450 million is to be used for capital security grants.

    • $300 million for transit and rail security.

    • $1.1 billion to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for discretionary grants for airport investment, and $200 million for FAA facilities and equipment.

    • $100 million in discretionary grants at the Federal Transit Administration for energy efficiency/greenhouse gas reduction.

    • $750 million for Fixed Guideway Infrastructure Investment that will be apportioned through the existing fixed guideway formulas.

    • $750 Million for Capital Investment Grants (New Starts).

    • $300 million for capital expenditures and necessary expenses of acquiring motor vehicles with higher fuel economy, including hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and commercially-available plug-in hybrid vehicles.