Competition Law Compliance

    View Author May 2009

    The European Commission and the National Competition Authorities "NCA"s throughout the EU Member States have extensive powers to carry out unannounced inspections (so called "dawn raids") on companies that they suspect of taking part in anti-competitive activities such as cartels, price fixing and bid rigging with competitors. For many companies a dawn raid is the first they will know about an investigation.

    Though it is impossible to guarantee you will never be the subject of a dawn raid, it is possible to prepare yourself so that, if a raid does happen, you will be able to deal with the situation effectively. At Hammonds we believe that preparation for the event of an eventual dawn raid is part of the wider corporate objective of full competition law compliance. Accordingly, we provide Competition Law Compliance Programmes for our clients, of which dawn raid training is an integral part, together with Competition Law Audits.

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