Intellectual Property Rights in the M&A Process - Financier Worldwide

    View Author 30 June 2009

    The importance of intellectual property (IP) rights in M&A transactions has grown over the last few years, as they can be major value drivers in deals. With globalisation pushing at the boundaries of information distribution, most analysts expect the significance of IP assets – in the form of patentable technology, legally protectable trademarks and copyright – to increase even more in the future. Indeed, according to a recent study by mergermarket, 52 percent of the executives surveyed believe the importance of IP assets will grow substantially within the next five years, with respondents citing the increasingly "data centric world" and "greater access to information online" as key factors. But this mounting importance means that adequate due diligence and accurate asset valuations are vital for the long-term success of a transaction. As such, M&A investors must strive to identify opportunities and mitigate risks, particularly in cross-border deals.

    Reprinted with permission from Financier Worldwide.