Property @ction Review

    August 2009

    Property @ction Review

    We are delighted to introduce you to this new quarterly review prepared by the Hammonds' property litigation team, known as Property @ction. This review focuses on recent developments and topical areas relevant to landlords, tenants, surveyors and others involved in property.

    In this edition we look at:

    (i) Whether the costs of entertainment and promotional activities can be passed back to the tenant, through service charge provisions in leases

    (ii) Best endeavours and reasonable endeavours; what the obligations really mean

    (iii) Whether a landlord can carry out intrusive inspections and investigations to establish the extent of any disrepair

    (iv) The need for caution to avoid an inadvertent surrender of a lease

    (v) The Mercury Tax case and the lessons to be learnt regarding the execution of documents

    (vi) Without Prejudice and the impact of such a label on rent review notices

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