Agency and Distribution Arrangements in the Eurozone

    September 2009

    At Hammonds, we recognise that whilst European law harmonisation has, by and large,made it easier for our clients to trade through Europe, one area of law that has not been fully harmonised is the law governing the relationship between companies and their distribution channels, whether agents, distributors or other forms of partner. This presents clients with a dilemma when deciding how to structure their distribution network as a uniform approach may not necessarily be best.

    We have therefore produced a comprehensive guide which addresses the legal and commercial issues facing organisations that are appointing, terminating or otherwise dealing with agents and distributors in the UK, France, Spain, Germany and Belgium.

    In addition to the guidance in this publication, Hammonds' offices throughout the Eurozone have extensive experience in guiding clients on how best to maximise the opportunities of the legal market whilst minimising legal risk in doing so. Each office works closely with the others to ensure that clients can use one 'port of call' to get advice on how to achieve their aims across each Eurozone country. A list of the specialist lawyers in each Eurozone country is set out at the end of this note.