A New Asian Dispute Resolution Tool? (Chinese Version)

    October 2009


    In this continuing series about different forms of dispute resolution commonly found in International construction contracts, this article, being Part 2 of an earlier introductory article, seeks to examine the experience of Chinese companies using Dispute Review Boards ("DRB's") in construction projects in China.

    In Part 1, the authors suggested that DRB's have growing International recognition with increasing popularity in global construction projects, and the authors of the article suggested that statistics tended to suggest that where DRB's are used on projects, the likelihood is those projects are less likely to have costly and destructive disputes between the parties which impact so negatively on the eventual out come for project participants.

    In Part 2 of the article the authors intend to review whether such experiences have been shared by those using DRB's here in projects in China and regionally.