Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Group

    View Author November 2009


    • We pride ourselves on providing up-to-the-minute legal advice without the jargon.

    • Our approach is progressive and forward thinking: we aim to recognise your legal needs so you don't have to.

    • Our position within a full-service commercial firm gives us another dimension in terms of support on corporate and property transactions, which you won't find within niche licensing or restricted service firms.

    • We focus on the practical effect of changes in legislation and approach, not the tabloid headlines.

    • Legal advice is not a point scoring exercise to us: we know that co-operation can sometimes be more advantageous to your business.

    • We have industry knowledge built up over decades and are an established and well-respected team in the market place.

    • We can manage your licensing needs, no matter how big or small, with as much or as little day-to-day involvement as you choose.

    • We have vast expertise in managing estates of licensed premises and are pro-active to ensure that we approach this in such a way as to support our clients' strategy and development.

    Crucially, this extensive experience is used to ensure advice is never off the peg. Instead, it is always delivered in a way that is tailored to the needs of the individual client and to ensuring the business is in the best position to maximise its operation within the framework of current legislation. As with all areas of the Hammonds' practice, one of our key aims