Pension Protection Fund – action for defined benefit schemes

    February 2010

    Changes to D&B Scoring

    The Pension Protection Fund has confirmed certain changes to D&B scoring for the levy year 2011/2012. Full details are contained in the PPF's policy statement (which is available in full on the PPF's website). One of these changes may require immediate action on your part. If your company has branches in three or more regions then you need to contact D&B to check that you are on their list of companies with a 'nationwide' status. Companies classed as nationwide have a lower risk of insolvency, but only those on D&B's list as at 30 March 2010 will count for the 2011/2012 levy. If you think that your company should have nationwide status then please contact D&B Customer Services on 0870 850 6209 to check your status. If you are not on the nationwide list then D&B will need further information from you: so it is advisable to check sooner rather than later.