“Removed from Service” or “Available for Use”? - Coal Age Magazine

    22 March 2010

    Has a Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) inspector ever inspected a piece of mobile equipment, despite the fact that it is not running or in operation and has not had a preshift inspection? Has an inspector ever asked you to operate a piece of equipment or machinery just so he or she can inspect it? Did the inspector issue a citation for an alleged violation discovered during the inspection of equipment or machinery after you started it up? If you answered any or all of these questions with a “yes,” you are not alone. Indeed, it seems as though the number of mine operators who are answering “yes” to these questions is growing by the day. Here’s why, along with a few suggestions aimed at reducing your liability in these kinds of situations.

    Reprinted with permission from Coal Age Magazine.

    "Removed from Service" or "Available for Use"?