Coach Drivers Club News

    April 2010

    Q: I drive coaches for a living and operate a number of my own vehicles. Approximately one month ago I was emerging out of a 'T' junction from a minor to a major road. I approached the junction, stopped the vehicle, looked left and right, left and right again and the roadway was clear in both directions. As a result I proceeded out into the major road looking to make a right turn.

    I had completed all observations and was indicating correcting. As I reached the centre of the road a vehicle approached me from the left-hand side and collided with my vehicle.

    Both parties were okay, nobody was injured and little damage was done to both vehicles. I reported the matter to the Police. The issue is that my insurance company is now saying that the collision was my fault. How can it be if I was already established in the roadway and what are the options available to me?