Financier Worldwide

    April 2010

    In “Foreign investment in Ukraine – political stability will help clean the investment environment,” Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. lawyer Peter Z. Teluk discusses the elements which had hindered Ukraine’s growth into a player on the global market, and how the investment outlook has improved as Ukraine stabilizes and adjusts to the regional impact of the worldwide financial crisis.

    As Mr. Teluk explains in this article, recent changes such as the election of a democratic government and the enacting of some much-needed economic reforms are increasingly seen as positive signs for investors, and how, despite the lingering effects of the crisis and general scarcity of capital, Ukraine finally appears ready to put some of its historic issues to rest as it works to clear a path for future outside investment.

    This article appeared in the April 2010 edition of Financier Worldwide and is reproduced with the permission of the publisher.