SAFETY LAW ALERT: The President, the Congress, the Agencies and the State of WV Act to Address Safety

    16 April 2010

    First, we share your deep and heartfelt sympathy for the families and friends of the miners whose lives were lost in the tragic coal mine disaster in West Virginia. Our prayers, like yours, are with their families, and our commitment, like yours, is to prevent all accidents and injuries at every workplace.

    The disaster has produced an extraordinary response by our government that is only just beginning. We expect the next few months to include intensive efforts by the Congress and the federal and state agencies to respond to, and investigate the disaster, in multiple settings. During the process, we believe that safety and health enforcement severity will continue to increase at unprecedented levels, not only at MSHA covered facilities, but at OSHA sites as well. In addition, we believe that press scrutiny and coverage of industry safety and health compliance also will increase to unprecedented levels. Needless to say, safety and compliance efforts continue to be critical and advance planning are crucial in meeting the challenges posed by these developments. We provide the below information to assist you in considering these risks, and in focusing your resources to address them. Of course, we are available to discuss the information and future developments with you, and we will endeavor to keep you informed of important developments. Please call Henry Chajet (202.457. 6511) or Mark Savit (303.830.1776) with any questions or comments.