Interview With John Kirsner and John Wyand: the "Primary Care Institute" as a Contractual Framework for Hospital-Physician PCMH Support

    October 2010

    John M. Kirsner and John E. Wyand, lawyers with the Squire Sanders Health Care Practice Group, were featured in an interview on the Health Care Advisory Board (HCAB) blog.

    The blog entry was a follow-up to an August 5, 2010 HCAB webinar, “Building the Ship While Sailing: Legal Issues for Hospitals Exploring Medical Home Models,” that featured Mr. Kirsner as one of the speakers. The webinar was part of the HCAB’s Building the Medical Home Innovation Collaborative and presented a high-level overview of the most important regulatory parameters that providers must keep in mind when considering, launching or expanding medical home models.

    The interview on the HCAB blog centered on the primary care institute as a contractual framework for hospital-physician support of patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs). Mr. Kirsner and Mr. Wyand discussed why it can be problematic for hospitals to provide extensive support for the creation and maintenance of PCMHs among independent primary care practices. They also provided details on what services physicians would provide under the primary care institute model, as well as options for how the hospital would pay the institute and physicians.