INSIGHTS - Patton Boggs Safety & Health and Crisis Management Newsletter

    30 November 2010

    In this issue:

    1. The Election’s Impact on Safety Law

    2. DOL/Review Commission Set Civil Case Backlog Reduction Plan

    3. Solis Talks Tough to NMA Board

    4. MSHA Proposed Comprehensive Coal Dust Health Rule

    5. MSHA Takes Comment on Safety and Health Management Programs

    6. Emergency Standard Issued on Rock Dusting

    7. MSHA Releases New Pattern Screening Criteria

    8. Mine Agency Laying Groundwork for Health Sampling Enforcement

    9. Enforcement Guidance Issued on Six Metal/Non-Metal Standards

    10. MSHA Writes Hundreds of Violations in Inspection Blitz

    11. OSHA Seeks Comment on Noise Policy Change

    12. IG Raps OSHA over Penalty Reductions

    13. OSHA Says Egregious Policy, Emphasis Programs Producing Results

    14. Florida Trucking Firm Ordered to Reinstate Whistleblower

    15. Tesoro Gets Record State Fine, Michigan Fines Materials Supplier

    16. Roundup of OSHA Enforcement Action

    17. Code Groups Adopt CSB Purging Recommendation

    18. Board Launches Educational Program on Oil Site Hazards to Teens

    19. CSB Investigates BP Catastrophe, Five Other Accidents

    20. Court Remands MSHA’s Refuge Alternatives Rule

    21. Oklahoma Foreman Pleads Guilty to Mine Training Violation

    22. “Popcorn Lung” Victim Awarded $30 Million

    23. More Lawsuits Filed over Fatal Kleen Energy Explosion

    24. MSHA Seeks First-Ever Injunction to Shut Down Massey Mine