INSIGHTS - Patton Boggs Safety & Health and Crisis Management Newsletter

    4 February 2011

    In this issue:

    1.  Safety Law Amendments Defeated but Reintroduced in New Congress

    2.  Congress Rejects More Money for MSHA Case Backlog

    3.  MSHA/OSHA Set Activist Regulatory Agendas

    4.  SEC Issues Proposal to Implement Dodd-Frank Disclosure Provisions

    5.  SEC Extends Comment Time on Mine Safety, Government Payments and Conflict Minerals

    6.  MSHA Acts to Change Workplace Examination Rules

    7.  MSHA Pushes Coal Operators on Wireless Communications

    8.  OSHA Withdraws Plan to Expand Noise Controls

    9.  MSHA Tags 15 Mines as Potential Pattern Violators

    10. 41 Mines Targeted for Impact Inspections

    11. MSHA Settles with Oklahoma Operator for $375,000

    12. OSHA Launches Emphasis Program in Grain Handling Industry

    13. Roundup of OSHA Enforcement Action

    14. OSHA Rules In Favor Of Whistleblowers

    15. CSB Responds to Fatal West Virginia Chemical Explosion

    16. Meeting Set on Bayer CropScience Accident Report

    17. CSB Accident Investigation Roundup

    18. Commission to Launch Pilot Program to Speed Appeals

    19. Ex-Official Pleads Guilty in Records Tampering Case

    20. Two Arrested for Noncompliance with Commission Orders

    21. Judge Upholds OSHA’s Egregious Penalty Sanction

    22. Plaintiffs Win Millions in Mesothelioma Cases