Ohio Education Alert

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    Senate Bill 5, which was signed by Governor Kasich on March 31, 2011, is game-changing legislation for public employers. While much of the media focus has dealt with the collective bargaining provisions of the law, this broad measure impacts numerous aspects of public employment. All school district employees, including teachers, administrators and nonteaching employees, are impacted by these changes. Indeed, Senate Bill 5 provides some of the most sweeping education reforms in decades – in addition to the changes to collective bargaining. Due to Ohio’s referendum process, however, it is unclear when, or if, Senate Bill 5 will become law.     

    For an in-depth discussion and analysis of various items included in Senate Bill 5 that impact Ohio’s public school districts, follow the links below. 

    • Collective Bargaining
      • Proper Subjects of Bargaining
      • Management Rights
      • Strikes
      • Fair Share Fee, Union Dues and PACs
      • Fiscal Watch and Fiscal Emergency Provisions
      • Dispute Resolution Procedures
      • Community Schools
      • Effective Date of Changes
    • Teacher Compensation
    • Teacher Contracts (Limited and Continuing)
    • Evaluation Procedures
    • Leave Policies
    • Reductions in Force (Teaching and Nonteaching Employees)
    • Retirement System Contributions Pick Up
    • Health Care Plans
    • Effective Date and Referendum Process

    Please note, Squire Sanders is hosting a free Senate Bill 5 seminar in our Cleveland and Columbus offices on April 12, 2011. A panel of our labor and  employment and public finance lawyers will address the impact of Senate Bill 5 on Ohio school districts.