United Kingdom Tax Bulletin

    April 2011

    In this issue:

    • Current Rates: The latest rates of inflation and interest
    • Residence: Full-Time Work Abroad: HMRC introduce a 10-day rule
    • Residence: Exceptional Days: A sorry story of 183 days
    • Employee Benefit Trusts I: HMRC offer a settlement
    • Extra-Statutory Concession A10: This concession is withdrawn for EBTs
    • Employee Benefit Trusts II: New HMRC guidance on IHT and income tax issues
    • Group Structures: IHT: Clarification of business property relief on groups
    • By Reason of Employment: A famous victory for the taxpayer
    • Ramsay Doctrine: Yet more clarification
    • Possession or Power: The meaning of “power” under TMA 1970