INSIGHTS - Patton Boggs Safety & Health and Crisis Management Newsletter

    31 July 2011


    1.  MSHA, OSHA Announce Regulatory Plans

    2.  Arch Letter Silences “Truthfulness” Allegation

    3.  MSHA Issues Final Rule on Coal Dust Combustibility

    4.  Operators Give Coal Dust Proposal Chilly Reception

    5.  MSD Rulemaking Record Reopened

    6.  New Report on Carcinogens Could Affect Hazcom

    7.  Mine on Pattern Gets Withdrawal Orders

    8.  Thirty-Four Mines Get Impact Inspections

    9. Communications Requirements in Underground Mines Enforced

    10. Roundup of Federal and State OSHA Enforcement

    11. CSB Calls for Plant Redesign after Third Fire

    12. Board Seeks Changes after Fatal DuPont Explosion

    13. Investigations of 15 Accidents Continue

    14. MSHA Gets Injunctions on Advance Notice, Mine Access

    15. Illinois Man Indicted for False Certifications

    16. Three Sentenced for Falsifying Records

    17. Court Says MSHA May Access Medical Data

    18. Judge Upholds OSHA’s Subpoena Authority

    19. OSHA Sues Realtor over Whistleblower Complaint

    20. Xcel Found Not Guilty in Worker Deaths

    21. $26 Million Awarded in Three Asbestos Cases