INSIGHTS - Patton Boggs Safety & Health and Crisis Management Newsletter

    26 September 2011


    1. Silica Rule Draws Congressional and Industry Comments
    2. Congress Seeks Diesel Data, HHS in Contempt of Court
    3. Supercommittee to Determine Funding and Budget Cuts
    4. OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Changes
    5. Proximity Detection is Focus of MSHA Proposal
    6. EPA Releases Draft Asbestos Assessment for Comment
    7. Are MSHA/OSHA Air Sampling Results Credible and Capable of Supporting Enforcement?
    8. OSHA Target Employers for Inspections
    9. MSHA Pattern Notices and Impact Inspections
    10. Railroads, Others Ordered to Pay Whistleblowers
    11. Roundup of OSHA Enforcement Action
    12. State Enforcement Action
    13. CSB Calls Florida Inaction on Recommendations “Unacceptable”
    14. Injunction Leads to Pennsylvania Mine Closing
    15. Commission Reverses Judge on Safety Defects Standard
    16. Court Rules against MSHA on Plan Approval Process
    17. MSHA Orders Not Immune from Legal Challenge
    18. Judge Upholds MSHA $900K “Flagrant” Penalty
    19. Grain Elevator Firm Convicted in Teen Worker’s Death
    20. Illinois Firm Found in Contempt, Faces Daily Fine
    21. Jury Awards $7 Million in Fatal Explosion
    22. NJ Contractor Gets Injunction for Fall Protection Violations
    23. Mesothelioma Case Roundup