Licensing Without Hiccups

    View Author March 2012

    With a number of potentially significant legislative changes for the licensed trade on the horizon, we round up key licensing developments including:

    • Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act –
      • Possible April commencement for a number of provisions, including changes to TENs and suspension of licences for failure to pay annual fees; and
      • Government consultation on EMROs and Levy Regulations
    • Relaxation of Hours for Diamond Jubilee – What will the relaxation allow?
    • Live Music Act - How can you benefit?
    • Operation Condor – Licensing and SIA Inspections across London
    • Tobacco Display – Amendment of Regulations
    • Minimum Pricing – the Latest Developments

    With the headline-grabbing introduction of EMROs and Late Night Levies, the suspension of Premises Licences for failure to pay annual fees has received much less coverage. However, this provision could have a much bigger impact on your business short-term if you do not ensure now that proper systems are in place to ensure all annual fees are paid on time.

    We can provide bespoke advice and fixed fee training sessions on these developments. Please click on the link for the full review which contains details of the upcoming changes and what you can do to prepare.