GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS LAW ALERT: What is a “Small Business” Under the Army’s $7 Billion Renewable Energy RFP?

    25 September 2012
    As the October 5, 2012 deadline looms for interested parties to submit proposals in response to the Army’s RFP for Renewable and Alternative Energy there remains a great deal of confusion as to the details of the “small business” eligibility requirements. As interested parties know, this is a vital issue in the context of this RFP. The Army intends to reserve substantial numbers of task orders for small businesses, including through a variation on the “Rule of Two” in the task order process. Large businesses are required to develop not only Small Business Subcontracting Plans, but also Small Business Participation Plans including detailed information documenting their teaming agreements with small businesses. Utilization of small business is one of the enumerated evaluation criteria set forth in the RFP.