Spotlight on Global Merger Control

    View Author September 2012

    In today’s highly competitive commercial environment, businesses are under ever more pressure to generate deals that deliver real value, at minimum cost, and quickly. Regulatory burdens, however, are slowing the pace of deal-making while increasing the cost of getting deals completed. In many cases, part of this increasing burden can be attributed to merger control. As the number of authorities worldwide with jurisdiction to review, approve or prohibit mergers and acquisitions grows each year, it can be a challenge for companies to navigate quickly and efficiently the plethora of different rules that apply. Each authority seems to follow its own procedure, timeline and standard of assessment.

    This article considers the mounting complexity of compliance with merger control regulations around the world. We briefly look at the steps that have been taken to reduce compliance costs and the prospects for further improvement. Finally, we provide practical tips for companies embarking on deals to ensure that the merger control process runs as smoothly and painlessly as possible.