Licensing Without Hiccups

    View Author November 2012

    The Home Office has launched a consultation (on 28 November 2012) on ‘delivering the Government’s policies to cut alcohol fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour’. The deadline for responses is 13 February 2013.

    The consultation requests views on 5 areas:

    • Minimum unit pricing;
    • Ban on multi-buy promotions in shops and off-licences;
    • Health as a new licensing objective for Cumulative Impact Policies;
    • Review of mandatory licence conditions; and
    • Further measures to ‘cut red tape’.

    Clearly, four of these proposals could have an adverse effect on licensed businesses – this time around there is a specific focus on the off-trade, but the on-trade does not escape either. The
    proposals to ‘cut red tape’ may be a sweetener for some, but the effects of these measures will be limited for the majority of businesses.

    This is a Consultation document only and therefore proposals may not be implemented in the proposed form, or at all. However, there are a number of issues which could potentially impact significantly upon licensed businesses and consumers in the future.