Ohio Public Law Update

    December 2012

    Welcome to the December 2012 issue of the Squire Sanders Ohio Public Law Update. In this issue we highlight recent decisions of interest and legislation as well as the sexennial reappraisals being finalized by 19 Ohio counties that will result in new assessed valuations for governmental entities in those counties for tax year 2012.

    Case summaries and attorney general opinions include:

    • Beaver Excavating Co. v. Testa
    • Shaker Hts., ex rel. Cannon v. DeFranco
    • 2012 Op. Att’y General No. 2012-026
    • 2012 Op. Att’y General No. 2012-029
    • 2012 Op. Att’y General No. 2012-030
    • 2012 Op. Att’y General No. 2012-031
    • 2012 Op. Att’y General No. 2012-035

    Recent legislation of interest includes:

    • SB 343 for the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System
    • SB 340 for Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund
    • SB 342 for State Teachers Retirement System
    • SB 341 for School Employees Retirement System
    • SB 345 for Highway Patrol Retirement System

    For further information about these recent Ohio decisions and legislation, please contact the Squire Sanders public finance lawyer with whom you usually work.