Spanish Corporate-Real Estate Legal Update No. 21

    View Author January 2013

    Welcome to the latest issue of 'Spanish Real Estate Legal Update' where you can find relevant information related to Real Estate.

    On December 28 2012, the Official Gazette of the Spanish State published Act 16/2012, December 27, adopting several tax measures aimed at the consolidation of public finances and the promotion of economic activity, as a continuation of the package of measures recently adopted, in order to consolidate public finances and correct the main imbalances of the Spanish economy for a greatly-awaited emergence from the crisis.

    Among the measures approved, we highlight the amendment of given aspects of the regulation applicable to Listed Real Estate Investment Companies (so called SOCIMI). Such entities were created in the year 2009 by means of Act 11/2009, October 26, in order to create a new instrument for investment aimed at the urban leasing real estate market.