Capital Markets Practice: News Round-Up

    View Author April 2013

    Welcome to the latest in our series of regular alerts containing a round-up of news from our capital markets practice. Among other things, we bring you news of the regulatory approach of the Financial Conduct Authority, as well as news of developments in the field of corporate governance.

    This issue includes:

    • London Stock Exchange: the New High Growth Segment of the Main Market has Opened for Business
    • Reminder: the New UK Financial Regulatory Regime is Now in Place
    • Corporate governance: shareholders: PIRC publishes a revised edition of its UK Shareholder Voting Guidelines
    • FCA is set to be a Proactive and Transparent Regulator, Adopting a Strong Line on Enforcement to Deter Future Misconduct
    • FCA: New Power to Publish Information About Warning Notices
    • Higher Fines for Breaches of the UKLA’s Rules: Precedent Set in a Recent Case
    • Initial Public Offerings: the ICAEW Publishes New Guidance on Financial Position and Prospects Procedures
    • Corporate Governance: Executive Remuneration: the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum has Issued Guidelines on Directors’ Pay Aimed at FTSE 350 Companies
    • Corporate Governance: New Share Owner Group to Voice Trade Union Views in Corporate Governance Debates at FTSE 350 AGMs
    • Corporate Governance: Women on Boards: Lord Davies Publishes His Second Annual Review Which Shows an Increase in the Number of Women in the Boardroom and Indicates His Continuing Commitment to a Self-Regulatory Approach