Doing Business in the United Kingdom

    June 2013

    Welcome to the United Kingdom


    The United Kingdom (‘UK’) offers a welcoming business environment for overseas companies (non-UK corporations). Subject to limited exceptions (which we address on page 10 of this Guide), there are generally:

    联合王国(“英国”)为海外公司(非英国公司)提供了非常宽松的经商环境。除(本指南第10 页提到的)少数限制外,英 国基本上

    • no restrictions on foreign investment in the UK;
    • no requirements to obtain authorisation from central or local government; and
    • no exchange control or currency regulations.
    • 没有就海外对英国的投资作出任何限制;
    • 没有中央或地方政府的相关审批要求;
    • 没有外汇或货币管制政策。

    Our Guide


    Our Guide aims to answer the general questions you may have about doing business in the UK - from the initial considerations to matters concerning the on-going operations of your business. The list of Contents on pages 6-7 identifies the topics we address.

    翰宇的这本指南旨在就英国境内经商过程中的一些常见问题为您指点迷津——我们能够解答的问题既包括经商初期您考虑的诸 多因素,也包括您长期持续经营过程中的相关问题。第6-7 页的目录列出了我们将在本指南中解答的问题。